Bad breath (halitosis) is the result of one thing: bacteria.

Bacteria interact with your tongue, tonsils, teeth, gums, saliva, and even oral health products, ultimately turning your food into their fuel. When thriving, these bacteria produce Volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) which smell... bad.

Your daily lifestyle and oral health routine actually help bacteria live, grow, thrive, and form large families in your mouth.

Note: There are medical conditions like digestive issues and lung disease that cause bad breath, but the vast majority of bad breath comes from our mouth ...and it's preventable.



There are hundreds or possibly thousands of mouthrinses, toothpastes, mints, strips, gum, bad breath systems, and diets that promise to get rid of bad breath.

None of these products nor diets can really work.

Why? Science.

There’s no single magic product that can address all the factors of bad breath: tongue, tonsils, teeth, gums, saliva, bacteria, food, drinks, oral health products, etc.

But there is a magic routine: The Halitosis Plan.



The Halitosis Plan is an optimized daily routine that allows your mouth to naturally clean itself, effectively eliminating the bacteria causing your bad breath.

It analyzes how your food, drinks, saliva, active & inactive ingredients of your oral health products, and your oral health status all interact inside your mouth.

The Halitosis Plan recommends the best products in the best order at the best time of day for your mouth. You’ll learn what to do before or after eating certain foods so that you can prevent bad breath.

The best part is you can continue to eat what you want, drink what you want, and finally live the life you always wanted... all with amazing breath.

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