Supercharge your child's immune system!

The natural lifehack that enables your child's immune system to fight cavities on its own.

This opportunity quickly passes by.

You can save thousand of dollars & countless painful hours if you enable your child's immune system early to fight cavities for the rest of his/her life!

Earn your Smile Anatomy Parenting Certificate of Excellence by completing this mini course!

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Dr. Matthew Jurcak
Dr. Matthew Jurcak

We all have different skills, knowledge, and careers, interwoven throughout an incredible society dependent on one another. I rely on the sandwich artist at Subway, the mechanic down the street, and the doctor who delivered me 29 years ago. My part? I happen to be the tech-savvy dentist who created this online course to ease your pain, improve your confidence, and increase your happiness. True power is found in love and unity. Together we can build a life worth smiling about!

3 John 1:2 - "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."


Why learn with Smile Anatomy?

1. Honesty. We push healthy prevention, not expensive treatment.

2. Accuracy. We use science supported by the American Dental Association®.

3. Customization. We teach based on your kid's age, health, and development!

4. Time. You don't see the Dentist for more than a few minutes. You have our course forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is an immune system?

Everyone has an immune system. It's the way your body responds to infections and diseases. It uses a complex chain of molecules, cells, factors, and processes that come to fight for your health.

+ Can your immune system fight cavities?

Yes. That's what this mini-course explains. First we cover what causes cavities. Then we discuss how our immune systems role in terms of cavities. And finally, we discuss what parents can do to enable their child's immune system to fight cavities long-term (for their entire life!).

+ Does this course guarantee my kids will be cavity-free?

Unfortunately, no. Research has taught Dentists, scientists, corporations, and insurance companies many things, but at this time, no product nor method can guarantee you or your children will be cavity-free. Although the information presented in this mini course is based on research, it is for informational purposes only. Please see our Terms of Use and Safety pages linked in the footer of SmileAnatomy.com.

+ How do I share this information with friends and family?

The best way for parents and guardians to learn is to take the mini course and fill out the workbook themselves! They'll get much more out of it than simply talking about it.

+ What if I have questions about the information?

Keep in mind Dr. Jurcak cannot diagnose specific conditions via the internet. Visit the emergency room or your local dentist during any emergency. Dr. Jurcak can be reached at [email protected] for general questions regarding site information.

A few minutes can change generations of smiles!